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From casual streetwear to GLAMOROUS statement pieces, the READY-TO-WEAR collection reflects the mix-and-match philosophy of contemporary dressing

  • Flare Trousers Black

    CHF 52,95

    Aperçu rapide
  • Mesh Sleeve Top Off White

    CHF 42,95

    Aperçu rapide
  • Metallic Cable Knit Dress Silver

    CHF 84,95 CHF 25,00

    Aperçu rapide
  • Velvet Mini Dress Brown

    CHF 42,95 CHF 17,00

    Aperçu rapide
  • Chrome Blazer Dress Black

    CHF 99,95 CHF 70,00

    Aperçu rapide
  • Oversized Rib Knit Off White

    CHF 74,95 CHF 52,00

    Aperçu rapide