• Ana Knit Natural

    € 55,95 € 28,00

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  • Back Detail Body Natural

    € 44,95 € 22,00

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  • High Slit Pants Black

    € 79,95 € 40,00

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  • Corset Shirt White

    € 89,95 € 45,00

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  • Slim Belted Pu Blazer Cognac

    € 189,00 € 99,00

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  • Mesh Sleeve Top Black

    € 44,95 € 22,00

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  • Flowy Dress Ditsy Flower

    € 79,95 € 47,00

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  • PU Side Slit Trousers Beige

    € 89,95 € 54,00

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  • Smock Dress Light Flower

    € 79,95

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  • One Shoulder Ruched Top Beige

    € 39,95 € 24,00

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  • Faux Leather Trousers Black

    € 99,95 € 50,00

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  • Heart Shaped Top Red

    € 33,95 € 17,00

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Kenza's Top Picks Just for You
Kenza is one of Ivyrevel's creators and owners, and she is also a top fashion blogger with years of experience in designing top-notch stylish outfits. She possesses the ability to spot perfection and trends in the world of fashion, and we are so happy to have her expertise. On this page, you will find some of Kenza's favourites from the current Ivyrevel collection. Finding the perfect outfit to buy can be overwhelming and tedious. At Ivyrevel, we have a collection of top picks for you, and although each product is vetted to perfection, you can also choose to take a pick from our updated lists of Kenza's favourite. Guaranteed to be a perfect fit for any look or style you want, you'll be stylish and elegant in any outfit you choose.

Hot picks you can trust
If what you are looking for is fashionable items, then these picks are for you! Kenza has brought together the best range of top and current fashion trends that are suitable for any type of event you are going for. Whether it is for a date or for a business meeting, you can't go wrong with some or all of these picks. Keeping up with the fast pace of the fashion world is no easy task, but we do it well. Our team consistently works hard to bring together amazing products that are perfect for every season. Therefore, you can be certain that anytime you come here, you will only find outfits that fit perfectly with the current season and trends at great prices.

Stress-Free Shopping
Here, you can easily find what you want as our team continuously bring together our top products for you to choose from. Additionally, you can go through the series of Ivyrevel's co-founder, and famous blogger picks here, which will ease the pain of having to go through many collections just to find the right outfit. And you can be sure that you will find what you want. Depending on what you need, you can choose to buy any of the available designs. Be it for a date or black-tie event, it will be a perfect fit. Take inspiration from our style picks and order a full outfit, or combine your favourites for a new look. All you need to do is browse through, and you will get what you want without stress.

Buy Quality from Ivyrevel
Over the years, we have constantly ensured that we maintain a high standard and compete at the highest level in terms of providing top quality products and services and maximum customer satisfaction. To keep achieving these objectives, we put our trust in our experts, such as Kenza to continuously bring to you the best contemporary stylish items. Therefore, you can never go wrong with Ivyrevel. At Ivyrevel, we sell more than clothes and accessories; we also sell comfort and style. With us, you can be sure that you will always "slay" at any event you attend and you will be the centre of attention with unique and stylish items. You can always get the perfect dress, shoe, shirt, or accessory from us, and it will definitely be of the best quality.

Customer Oriented
Fashion is our way of life at Ivyrevel, and we understand how it can change at any point in time. This is why we ensure that we keep up with every event and update in the fashion industry. We also take into consideration all the feedback and suggestion we get from our esteemed customers so that we can keep improving our services.

A Store You Can Always Count On
It is not enough to buy the most fashionable wear; it is also important to buy quality. We believe that comfort is key when it comes to fashion. At Ivyrevel, we offer both quality and trends at affordable prices. Bring your dream to life. Place an order today and join the league of happy and satisfied customers who purchase from us!