• Poplin Dress Pink

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  • Off Shoulder Cropped Top Black

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  • Cut Out One Shoulder Dress White

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  • Draped Frill Mini Skirt Floral

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  • Drapy Strap Dress Floral

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  • Drawstring Puff Sleeve Dress White

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  • Off Shoulder Puff Top White

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  • Paper Bag Mini Shorts White

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  • Smock Dress Light Flower

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  • Button Up Corset Dress White

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  • English Lace Frill Dress White

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  • Cross Front Top Green

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Stylish Clothes for Every Season at Ivyrevel
Ivyrevel combines design and technology when making new in-season styles. This is exactly what we at Ivyrevel are all about, creating outstanding, trendy and fashionable women's clothing. The design, fabrics and styles are chosen with the customer's needs in mind. Our main objective is to make women feel good and trendy since a confident woman is an empowered woman. We bring trendy shoes, dresses, and beautiful scarves to our seasonal collections. We create statement-making swimwear, as well as skirts, handbags and tops that define our style. Our limited edition clothes mean you get to wear tailored clothes that make you stand out at an affordable price. Ivyrevel is a pace-setter in our choice of fabric, colour and design. You can be sure to get the best from us.

Top Trendy Fashion Pieces
Ivyrevel is a trailblazer in a new fashion. Whether you want something casual, official, fancy or laid back, we have you covered. A midi-slit dress is perfect to wear at the office, but it can also make a good dinner dress. An organza sleeve jersey dress is ideal for a white party, but if you throw in a black scarf, you have a perfect Friday semi-casual look. Our dresses, such as the V-neck midi slit dress, are perfect for you if you love prints. Its demure length makes it an ideal all-weather dress, especially during summer as you can pair it with tights. Floral dresses are a trend that is here to stay, and we have the best in. The sharp-shouldered mini dress is another dress for summer. Its design is perfect if you want to show off some curves.

Accessorise in Style
Accessories can make or break a look, so we have a variety of hats, belts, shoes and bags to complement your look. The bucket hat is one of the latest fashion trends that gives you a stylish look and also shields your face from the sun. These hats come in a range of colours, but maybe the classic print is best, as you can match with many outfits. The denim cap also comes in handy, especially if you want the chic look. The ideal colour is grey or black particularly if you buy a leather one. The straw boater hat is laid-back, stylish and natural. Rock this hat with boots and jeans on a slow Sunday afternoon as you head out for a drink, as it makes for a perfect cowboy look.

Trendy Foot Wear
Sculptured heels are a trend that many fashion stylists are adopting. We are bold and unapologetic in our colours. The black drizzle shoes can add amazing detail to a range of outfits, from tight jeans to a short dress or fitted skirt. We have boots that come in black, silver and yellow. You can mix-and-match to complement a wide variety of outfits. Our boots are available in a variety of colours, from black, grey, denim. We even have them in snakeskin, the latest trend in footwear. This boot is stylish, creating a fierce and sleek look when worn by leading stylists. To create a perfect look, wear with a raffle dress. Our footwear collection is comfortable and ideal for office wear or any other occasion.

Get Ready For Summer with Chic, Stylish Swimwear
We understand that shopping for swimwear can be nerve-wracking. That’s why our beautifully designed swimwear collection also focuses on your individual body type. We can tailor to your style and your comfort. Our modern bikinis range from the halter, tie side, Jacquard and crinkle bottom styles for you to choose from. This will help you customise your perfect look without breaking the bank.

Fashion for any Occasion
We love giving, and we love our customers. At Ivyrevel, we have everything that you need to turn up looking fantastic for any occasion. Whether you need something for the office, or for going out on a date or attending a wedding, we have something perfect for the occasion. Make Ivyrevel your one-stop-shop for everything in women’s fashion, all year long!