• Fuzzy Cardigan Knit Black White Zebra

    $ 61.90 $ 43.00

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  • Mixed Knit Off White

    $ 57.90 $ 26.00

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    $ 31.90

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  • Oversized Rib Knit Dress Off White

    $ 75.90 $ 50.00

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  • Ana Knit Natural

    $ 51.90 $ 26.00

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  • Cable Knit Dress Light Grey Melange

    $ 61.90 $ 31.00

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  • Bat Rib Knit Teal

    $ 41.90 $ 21.00

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  • Knitted Cardigan Black Orange

    $ 61.90 $ 25.00

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  • Plunge Cotton Knit Optical White

    $ 57.90 $ 40.00

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  • Low Back Rib Knit Blush

    $ 57.90 $ 23.00

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    $ 31.90

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  • Half Neck Knit Off White

    $ 41.90 $ 29.00

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Get an Ivyrevel Knit
At Ivyrevel, we offer a huge range of jumpers and knitwear, which we are very excited to show off to you. All the items within our collection are designed with the utmost care and are flattering for any figure or body shape. No matter what preference you might have, we are sure we have something that will appeal to you and your specific fashion style. Here at Ivyrevel, you can be sure that we only offer you the very best knitwear. Each of our pieces within the collection is designed by top-level designers and use only the very best materials - think high-quality wool and pure cotton, for example. If you love that soft woollen touch or a bright splash of colour, our knitwear is going to be perfect for you.

Finding that perfect sweater
One of the most universally favoured pieces of knitwear is undoubtedly the sweater. Big cosy woollen jumpers are all the rage, especially in winter. Right now we offer an array of different styles, including oversized, fitted and even off-the-shoulder sweater designs, perfect to meet a range of needs and various social events. Of course, if you plan on using our knitwear to chill out, that's okay too! Get ready to embrace the winter cold with one, or many, of our different woollen sweaters. Our goal is to make you feel, and look, really great, especially when you are choosing something that you want to wear yourself. Don't hesitate, take a look through our items right now, mix and match from other collections and create a winter outfit to make everyone else jealous!

Always quality
We only ever use the very best quality wool for our knitwear. Different wool can have different effects such as stretching or not being as warm. To that end, we make sure that the wool is top notch and we always provide guidance on how to keep your knit clean, so that you can maintain it properly, keeping that stunning 'just-bought' look. If you wish your woollen clothing to still look good, it's important to know what wool it is made from. Quality is never a guarantee at many stores, but we take it seriously. We totally understand that shoppers want to have items that are long-lasting, and that is why we ensure that no matter what style, shape or colour knitwear you buy from us, you know it will last.

Getting ready for winter
At Ivyrevel, we offer a huge range of different knitwear items for women. Shopping can be fun until it becomes too hard to find something that suits you. With that in mind, our knitwear collection is specifically designed to cater to a wide range of designs, colours, styles and body shapes. This means that within our collection, you can be assured that the garment will look great on you! We also don't want shopping to be a chore; it should be fun! With that in mind, we make sure to create visually appealing sweaters, dresses and knit accessories that not only complement each other but other pieces in our collections, as well. Enjoy perusing our knitwear collection, and once you've selected the perfect piece, why not look in our other collections to create an outfit.

Styles and designs in our knitwear collection
Are you looking for something that will keep you nice and warm in the winter months? Maybe you're looking for something a little more stylish rather than practical? Perhaps it's all about the different colours that you can wear? No matter what it is that you're looking for, we know we have the right piece of clothing for you here at Ivyrevel.

Must-have Ivyrevel knitwear
Everyone loves a good knit sweater, and we're sure you're no exception! Because of this, we strive to ensure that you get nothing but the very best. Each of our knitwear pieces is stunning in their own way, perfect for inspiring confidence in women of all ages. We're very proud to say that Ivyrevel ensures that you'll look great at all times.

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